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Ritual Classes


  • Grip Socks Required

Be prepared to WORK HARD in this challenging 45 minute full body workout. This class combines strength training, cardio, and high intensity Pilates on a spring loaded, momentum free resistance machine called the MEGAFORMER. Slow and precise movements are performed for 1 minute intervals carving lean muscles, defining your core, and giving your body the challenge it craves in a low impact environment.

Ritual Hiit

TORCH CALORIES, and BUILD MUSCLE. This low impact, full body HIIT class utilizes Battleropes to combine muscle strengthening, and cardio in a challenging and epic sweat sesh.

InfraRED Pilates

  • 85 degrees INFRARED heat

Throw out everything you know about Mat Pilates. Bump up the beats in this CORE CRUSHING, SWEAT INDUCING full body workout combining strength exercises, bursts of HIIT, and added INFRA RED heat.

Cardio Sculpt

  • Sneakers recommended

STRENGTHEN and TONE. This high intensity class consists of little to no impact. Switch from Squat jumps to Glut bridges in a beat driven full body workout featuring light weights, resistance bands, and sliders.

How is the Lagree Method different from Pilates?

AKA “ High Intensity Pilates” and “ Pilates on Steroids” the Lagree Method is actually quite different from Pilates. Pilates was created in the 1930’s by Joseph Pilates and quickly became popular among dancers as a method of training and rehabilitation. “Pilates and the Lagree Method are two completely different workouts, and methods “ says Ritual’s owner Jennifer Metcalf who also owns Flex Pilates Aspen, a boutique private Pilates studio in Aspen, Colorado.

“The Lagree Method is a perfect fit for clients who love the core focus, and low impact, lengthening effects of Pilates, but wish it was a more challenging workout” “A traditional Pilates exercise is typically performed using very few repetitions, and tends to be very isolated. The Lagree Method exercises are performed for 1-2 minutes and utilize full body movements, targeting multiple muscle groups within one exercise.”

I’m exited to offer the Megaformer workout at Ritual to people who are looking for a challenge in their workout routine” says Jennifer who is also a personal trainer, and physical therapist. “The Megaformer workout is intense, but also low impact, anyone can do it!

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